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Black flowers and how to make your own

As you take a look around your local or online florist, you will notice that fresh blooms come in all colours, shapes and sizes. One colour that you may not see, however, is black. Black flowers are not available in nature while there are some blooms that are almost black. However, these flowers are actually […]

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Party flowers to improve your d├ęcor

If you are planning on hosting a party, even if you are just a handful of guests, you want to make sure that it’s memorable. The right party flowers can make all the difference. Given current restrictions, many people have postponed such events like weddings. However, this does not mean that you cannot plan ahead. […]

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Flower uses once they are past their prime

There is nothing better than receiving a bouquet of fresh flowers. Especially if you are not celebrating your birthday or any other special occasion. Unfortunately, however, all fresh flowers will perish eventually. Before yours are beyond the point of no return, make sure that you have a plan for these precious petals. Here are some […]

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Submerged arrangement design idea

Not all flower arrangements involve the placement of stems in a vase with water or floral foam. There are also some amazing submerged arrangement ideas that can take your flower arranging skills to a whole new level! The best part about these displays is that you can rest assured that your blooms will not dry […]

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Suitable flowers for a rustic setting

Rustic flower arrangements can help you create the perfect setting. When you think of a rustic theme, you may imagine something like a countryside or even a farmhouse theme. Not all blooms can be used for these types of arrangements, however. Here are some examples of the most suitable flowers from which you can choose […]

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Phlebodium plant care and advice

If you buy a Phlebodium for yourself or you receive one as a gift, it’s important to make sure that you understand what these plants need. Here are some essential Phlebodium plant care tips that will help this plant thrive. Not too much sun One of the most importanat parts of Phlebodium plant care is […]

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Rose traditions you may not know

Roses are one of the most popular types of blooms in the world. These blooms are known for their sweet perfume and amazing beauty. Roses also send various messages depending on their colour and the number of stems in the bouquet. Here are some interesting rose traditions you may not be aware of. Sending love […]

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Top potted plants if you have children

Those who have children know just how important it is to maintain a safe environment. Every home is full of dangers that can easily be prevented if we take the time to protect our younger family members. Potted plants might seem harmless but, when your child becomes curious enough to give them a nibble, it […]

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