A greener approach to floral décor

With so many businesses and industries taking their toll on nature, it’s no wonder consumers are looking for the greener paths. Several businesses in various industries have come to realise that they can still keep their doors open without sacrificing the world in which we live. When you decorate your home or an event, you might want to consider such an approach.

The first tip to remember is to always choose natural products that are biodegradable. Fresh flowers and fruit can be enjoyed for a period of time and anything that remains can be put to good use as part of your very own natural compost heap.

Decorating with flowers has proven popular for many years and they are great for birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings. Of course, once the party is over, it’s quite common to be left with a few bouquets. Sure, you can send some flowers home with various guests but you might want to keep one or two for yourself. Encourage your guests to avoid tossing the wilted flowers in the garbage once the flowers are spent. If you know that they have a garden, encourage them to use the plant material as compost for their other plants and flowers.

Another great idea is to dry your flowers and make dried flower arrangements. This way, you can display them for months without worrying about wilting petals! Dried flowers can also be used as décor on gift boxes. Simply attach a flower or a small cluster of flowers to the ribbon and tie it to the box!

Fruit fruit baskets are also great for adding colour and making your home that much more inviting. Why settle for plastic fruit when you can have the real thing? Simply choose fruit that will benefit from being stored at room temperature and set the basket on your kitchen, dining room, or living room table. Doing so also encourages you to choose healthy snacks since you will always have fresh fruit available when you get peckish!