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Essential oils and what you need to know

Many types of flowers and plants can be used to create amazing essential oils. These oils are highly concentrated and each one offers different benefits. They allow us to treat a number of ailments without the use of pharmaceuticals and they pose significantly less risk than regular medications. That said, whenever using any type of […]

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Cut roses and how long they should last

When sending cut roses, you want to make sure that the recipient will be able to enjoy them for as long as possible. This is why so many people wonder just how long roses last once they are cut from the plant. Since you will not receive these flowers right away, you can expect them […]

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Sending flowers to help them through a tough time

When somebody you care about is going through a tough time, sending flowers could be just what they need to get them through it all. Of course, this can be a rather delicate time which means that you need to know when to send a bouquet as well as the types of flowers to send. […]

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Quality flowers and finding the right florist

When shopping for fresh blooms, quality is always important. The last thing anyone wants is to buy or send flowers that wilt after a couple of days or arrive in a terrible state. When searching for quality flowers, you need to choose the right florist. Here are some important tips to help you with your […]

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Flower gardens and why you need one

If you have walked by flower gardens in parks or public spaces, you will know just what an amazing impact they can have. These colourful gardens are not just for public spaces, however, you can enjoy their beauty at home too! Here are some reasons why you should start a flower garden this year. Save […]

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Gardenia Flower Facts

Despite their waxy texture, gardenias are very delicate flowers.  They are unlike any other flower and are very popular for use in wedding flowers and bouquets.  So many people are stuck on the idea of sending blooms such as roses and tulips that they hardly think to send flowers like gardenias.  Such pure beauty would […]

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Wirral Council disapproves of Street Garden

Residents of a Wirral street face the wrath of the council after creating a street garden to add a bit of colour and brightness to the neighbourhood. Corfu Street in Birkenhead in the street in question where residents turned the closed end of the street into a garden area with hanging baskets and pot plants. […]

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How are orchids coloured

Orchids are associated with opulence and luxury. These glorious flowers can be added to flower arrangements or enjoyed as potted plants. No matter what, they are always impressive. Another interesting fact about these flowers is that they are available in several varieties as well as different colours. Like many other flowers, these flowers can also […]

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