Top three flower décor trends for 2012

Every year comes around and new trends and fashions appear. It is the same in the decoration of your home. You need something new every year. In 2012 there have been some subtle changes to the basics to help you apply the wow factor to your home. The good news to know is that most of the trends are cheap to do and budget friendly. Here are the top three trends for this year:


With texture the very simple things in your home can become exceptional. Instead of focusing on the colour add a bit of dimension to your room’s décor. Solid glass tiles add a subtle shine and shimmer to any room. Dimensional wallpaper would add to the room as a brilliant focal point. Wall vases allow you to decorate with nature’s most beautiful art – flowers.

Bold Patterns and Contrast:

There is a slow trend beginning where people are more inclined towards bright, colourful and bold patterned sofas and chairs. It isn’t going back to the days of your gran’s floral fabrics though; you need to think of rich velvets, silks and chintz. Enhance your favourite new colour with flowers all around the room.

Bigger Lighting:

One of the easiest and quickest ways to change a focal point in a room is to adjust the lighting. When the lighting in change it is common to change the size of the lighting bigger. Iron and crystal combinations are a good thing. Coloured crystal and organic shapes will add the ‘wow factor’ instantly.