100 Million Roses bought in Aalsmeer Holland

It’s a race against time. The busiest time of the year is looming in the Floral industry. The auction house in Aalsmeer (Holland) is expected to bring in more than 32 million roses in time for Valentine’s Day.

Holland houses the world’s largest operation for flower production and distribution. Over 4,000 people will pack the flowers and ship them directly to the UK just days before the romantic day. The total cost of flowers already sold to the UK, including Prestige Flowers, amounts to £17m, this is almost 32 million flowers.

With mother’s day soon after Valentine ’s Day this year, the operation will be fired back in top gear to cater the largest floral day in the UK.

The flower warehouse in Holland is the equivalent size of 400 football pitches. Many of the 100 million roses sold are grown in Holland, however many are brought in from Kenya and sold at the auction house in Aalsmeer.