Christmas plant and flower crafts

The holidays are perfect for spending more time with your family. Throughout the years, we are often so busy that we lose track of contacts. Often, as we grow older and our children grow, we miss out on important family time. For those who live in the north, you may be lucky enough to enjoy snow around Christmas. Even if there is no snow, it is winter, so it must be cold outside! You might even be jealous of all those who celebrate warm, sunny Christmases in the south! That said, as many people in the south know, it’s not always fun to be out in the sun all day and spending time indoors is a great way to cool off. Here are some fun Christmas plant and flower craft ideas.

Quality time together

Either way, spending time indoors means you’re looking for something to do. Things that don’t include watching the same TV shows and movies or playing the same old tired games. This is where crafting comes in. Not only are they fun and family friendly, they are also productive. Unlike channel surfing, art allows you to create something that you will enjoy later. Using flowers to create your own Christmas decorations is great for those who want to fill their home with fun home decorations inspired by your favourite Christmas plant or flower.

Welcoming wreaths

When you welcome someone into your home, the first thing they will see is your front door and you know how important first impressions can be! So, if you don’t have one or the one you have is looking good, it’s time to create yourself a wreath or spray! Both designs are also great for hanging on doors and walls if you want. The most popular accessories used to decorate wreaths and gifts include pine cones, berries, ribbons and cinnamon sticks. You can find fruits (like red apples or cherries), beautiful Christmas globes, and various flowers added. Some people like to include sprigs from a Christmas plant like poinsettias in their creations. Whatever style you choose, they are easy to make and the whole family can get involved.

Festive centrepiece

If you have invited guests to a delicious Christmas party or even if you are having a meal with your family, there is no reason not to decorate your table. One of the most common ways to decorate the table and make it sweet is to put a bunch of Christmas flowers or a Christmas plant in the middle. This bouquet can easily be provided by an online or local florist, so your job is to find other ways to decorate your table. Jewellery rings are both practical and can add colour. You can use strong cardboard, decorative paper or decorate your old towel ring by repurposing and decorating it. Popular colours to colour your towel ring include red, green, gold, and even a combination of these in a fun striped pattern. Once you have your napkin rings, you can add sweet flowers, mistletoe or other Christmas related accessories. Gerberas are a great choice if you are looking for something different and they are beautiful and flat so it will be easy to glue.

Decorative accessories

Another great activity suitable for the whole family is to create flowers from different materials and put these flowers on the Christmas tree. Since flowers are becoming more and more popular as Christmas tree decorations, this is the perfect opportunity to get everyone involved in turning your Christmas tree into a personalized family project. You can use paper, cloth or any other material of your choice. You can also get real things in the flower centre. Buttons, for example, are great for holding flowers together and they enhance the flower by adding a little something extra. You can hang your flowers from the tree, or an easy option would be to use floral wire to create a stem and attach it directly to the tree branch or add some accessories to your favourite Christmas plant.

These are just some of the fun ways in which you can make the most of your time together as a family by getting creative with Christmas plant and flower crafts.