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Geranium flower facts you may not know

When shopping for fresh blooms at your local florist, you will most likely come across a Geranium flower bouquet or at least geraniums included in mixed bouquets. They are extremely popular cut flowers for several reasons. One being the fact that they are large and colourful. This means that you don’t need a lot of […]

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Peony flower bouquet care tips

A peony flower bouquet can liven up any room. Their abundant petals and luxurious beauty make them a hit in so many homes. They are also very popular as wedding flowers. Of course, they can be somewhat sensitive if not properly cared for. If you want your bouquet to last that much longer, here are […]

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Double lilies – interesting flower facts for you

Double lilies have become increasingly popular over the past few years. Not only are they used in mixed flower arrangements, but they are also often displayed all on their own. If you receive or buy a bouquet of these beautiful blooms, you will be interested to learn some fascinating flower facts. What does double mean? […]

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Carnation flower facts and care tips

Carnations are one of the most sought-after blooms in the world. They are available in a multitude of colours and they are suited for various occasions too. They can be enjoyed as cut flowers as well as potted plants. Here are some interesting flower facts and care advice. Carnation flower facts: They are native to […]

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Lisianthus flower facts you never knew

When shopping for fresh flowers at your local florist, you will notice that they have dozens of varieties and colours from which you can choose. While you may not find a bouquet made up solely of lisianthus flower stems, you will often find them included in mixed arrangements. Here are some interesting flower facts you […]

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Why are we so happy to receive flowers?

Why are we so happy to receive flowers? By now you must have heard about the wonderful effects a fresh flower delivery can have on the recipient. When the bouquet arrives, it can completely change the way the recipient feels and these effects last as long as the blooms remain fresh and beautiful. What some […]

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The all Exclusive Exotica plant available from Prestige Flowers

If you would like a change from the flower norm, then look no further! Our Exotica bouquet available for next day delivery is definitely deserving of its name! Here’s why: The Exotica flower bouquet is an instant attention grabber, sporting red Hipericum which serves as a bedding for exotic, bright red Anthuriums, supported by a […]

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Affordable flowers to brighten their day

When we think about sending flowers, the price is usually one of the main concerns. Many people are under the impression that beautiful blooms have to set you back in the financial department. This is not the case and you too can enjoy affordable flowers if you follow a few simple guidelines. Don’t be afraid […]

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