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Baby’s breath uses you never knew

Gypsophila is more commonly known as baby’s breath and they are one of the most popular blooms you will find at any florist. These tiny blooms can be used in a number of different amazing ways to create and transform various types of bouquets. Filler flowers One of the most common uses for baby’s breath […]

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Geranium flower facts you may not know

Geraniums are also referred to as crane’s bill. There are more than 400 species of these plants and they are available around the world. The geranium flower is native to South Africa and they vary in height. Some grow as tall as 4 feet while others only reach a height of 6 inches. They are […]

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Flower vase types for every bouquet

When shopping for a flower vase, it’s important to note that there are a number of varieties available. They come in all shapes and sizes depending on your needs. They are also available in various materials and colours. Here are some of the most popular vases you will find. Classic vases A classic style flower […]

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Anthurium flowers and decorating tips

Of all the tropical blooms that you will find at your florist, anthurium flowers are arguably one of the most attractive. They are also loved for the fact that they last longer than most other tropical varieties. If you have a plant in your home, you can enjoy blooms throughout the year. The only thing […]

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Flower types in every bouquet

No matter the style of your bouquet, when you order flowers, you can be sure that there are several visual elements at play. Different types of blooms play different roles in a fresh flower arrangement. By understanding these roles, you too can create your own fabulous displays. Of course, there are some exceptions to these […]

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How to make sugar paste flowers

Sugar paste flowers are versatile decorations for cakes and cupcakes of all sizes. The size, colour, and theme of the cake will determine the size, colour, and type of flowers you need. In some cases you might need one colour but various sizes. In other cases, you might need to keep all of your flowers […]

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British Flowers Week 2018

This year’s British Florist Week began on 18 June and will continue to wow guests until 24 June. Since the first show in 2013, this event has become increasingly successful. We have the Flower Market at New Covent Garden Market to thank for this beautiful annual event designed to showcase the best Britain has to […]

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How to care for your potted orchids

If you want to send flowers that are sure to impress any lucky recipient, you can’t go wrong with orchids! These flowers are often seen as really delicate and some even believe that they are difficult to care for. Orchids are known for outlasting any other type of cut flowers and this makes it easy […]

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