Cut flower advice – how to cut stems

Whether you receive a fresh flower bouquet or you want to cut blooms from your garden, it’s important to make sure that you cut flower stems just right. Proper cutting techniques and practices ensure that the flower will last that much longer. Here are some essential tips.

Cut at an angle

One of the most important things you can do before placing any cut flower in a vase is to cut the stem at an angle. This will give the stem a fresh new surface for efficient absorption. It also ensures that the absorption surface is larger which means that the stems can suck up more water than they would if they were cut straight.


If you cut flower stems, it can allow air bubbles inside. This is why it’s a good idea to do all your trimming underwater. This prevents air bubbles from entering the stem and causing an obstruction. As soon as the stem is cut, place it in the vase with fresh water and flower food.

Stem length

You don’t want to cut any flower too short. The only reason for cutting them short is if the stem is damaged and you have no other option. Keep the stems as long as possible. If they are very long, you can easily cut an inch off the bottom. If you have any short stems, you can always create mini bouquets and arrange them in teacups or something similar.

Trim right away

Never forget how important flower conditioning is from the moment the blooms arrive. The faster you act, the better. Instead of simply placing them in water right away, take the time to treat the stems. Remove all packaging and tend to each stem one at a time.

With all of these handy tips in mind, you can rest assured that your cut flower bouquet will be so much happier and it will last that much longer. Remember, after a couple of days you will need to recut the stems to get rid of any bacterial growth around the base. Follow the same advice mentioned above to keep your blooms healthy.