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Baby’s breath flower uses

Baby’s breath is also known as gypsophila, and these little flowers can make a big impact if used the right way. Depending on the effect you want to create, these blooms can be used in various ways.   Fillers Probably the most popular use of baby’s breath is as a filler flower. These delicate flowers […]

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Fresh flowers and how they get their colour

Whether you take a walk through a lush garden or go to your local florist, you’re sure to notice flowers of various colours. Some fresh flowers come in almost every colour and even in different shades of each colour. There are also multi-coloured flowers that are particularly interesting. Nature has us to thank for most […]

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Autumn blooms to welcome the season

Summer is quickly behind us as we prepare for winter. September marks the beginning of autumn and there will be a noticeable drop in temperatures and the shortening of the days before you see the trees drop their leaves. While some may not like the idea of ​​saying goodbye to summer, others know that this […]

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Orange flowers fit for the season

Orange flowers are very popular in autumn flower arrangements, and are preferred in spring and summer. You may have noticed how many florists prefer to mix orange, purple, red and dark green flowers that really bring out those shades. Of course, orange blossoms are also very popular on their own. Not all of these flowers […]

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Dwarf flowers – what are they

As much as we enjoy bountiful, large, and extravagant bouquets, not all of us have the space at home or at work to display a large vase of flowers. That’s why some people tend to be a little hesitant when they want to send flowers to a recipient who lives in a small apartment. That […]

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The ultimate romantic gesture

Our busy lives mean that we usually focus on our responsibilities more than romance. Every day, our top priority is to go to work, cook, clean, take care of the kids, and so on. Couples who have been together for years usually forget to take time out for themselves. Which is why now is the […]

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Vase fillers for autumn bouquets

When daily temperatures start to drop and the days get shorter, you know that fall is already here. The sun rises later in the day and begins to set earlier. The leaves on the trees will also start to change colour and start to fall. Now, just because the trees are losing their leaves and […]

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Why send plants for Mother’s Day

When shopping for a gift for mum, fresh flowers are often the top choice. While cut flowers are an excellent gift for any occasion, it’s a good idea to also consider sending plants for Mother’s Day. Here are some reasons why a plant will make her smile. Longer lasting blooms The first and possibly the […]

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