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Autumn wreath design tips and ideas

Autumn might seem like a dull season for some. However, now is the time when the world undergoes some of the most beautiful changes. Make the most of this season by creating your very own autumn wreath. Not sure where to begin? Here are some stunning ideas. Classic autumn colours If you are a traditionalist, […]

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Vase flowers – how long can they go without water

When you receive a fresh bouquet of vase flowers, you will want to take all the necessary steps to ensure that they stay beautiful for as long as possible. The key is to make sure that you understand how long they can last without water and what they will need as soon as they are […]

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Fresh flowers and plants to help your skin

Nature has a wonderful way of providing us with solutions to various ailments. There are a number of fresh flowers and plants that offer great health benefits for your skin. Here are some of the top choices to consider adding to your garden or even as potted plants in your home. Chamomile Chamomile is one […]

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Floral scents and how to make your choice

Different types of blooms have different floral scents to offer. Some are stronger while others are on the mild side. Every scent has a different effect on your mood. This is why it’s important to consider the scent of your bouquet when sending flowers as a gift. Here are some of the main scents to […]

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Flower facts – Stargazer Lilies

Stargazer Lilies are one of the most popular blooms in the world. They are large, beautiful and you only need a few stems to create an impressive display. These blooms can be displayed on their own or paired with other flowers such as roses. If you want to find out more about these blooms, here […]

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Valentine’s Day shopping when time is running out

The first few weeks of the year can take anyone by surprise. Time flies by so quickly and, before we know it, it’s February an Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. If you are all out of ideas and in a hurry to find the perfect romantic gift for your Valentine’s Day, here are some ideas […]

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The most expensive flowers

Hydrangea (Up to $7 per stem) Hydrangeas are known for their full and abundant spherical appearance. They grow up to three meters in height and are in bloom from spring to autumn. They are available in a variety of colours including blue and pink, depending on the pH levels of the soil. Although they are […]

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Fresh flowers for summer

Once winter is but a memory, it’s time to start making the most of the bright blooms that come with finer weather. Seasonal flowers are always your best bet, no matter the season, because they are usually the most reasonably priced and they last longer as cut flowers since they are already accustomed to the […]

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