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Gladiolus flowers in different arrangements

Gladiolus flowers are loved for their bright colours and impressive height. Their tall stems are covered with clusters of blooms and they are some of the best line flowers as well as focal flowers in various types of arrangements. When using them in your next floral display, remember just how versatile they really are. Standing […]

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Next day flowers to make it up to them

Life can catch us off-guard at the best of times and we are not always prepared for unexpected occasions. If a baby arrives early, somebody passes away or something else happens at the last minute, you don’t want your friend or loved one to feel like you don’t care. This is what makes next day […]

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Seasonal flowers and why you should buy them

Flower shopping does not need to be a stressful or time-consuming process. It’s easier than ever to shop for blooms online these days. With just a few clicks, your bouquet will be well on its way to your door or to the lucky recipient. If you are not sure what type of blooms to buy, […]

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Congratulations flowers for loved ones

When a happy occasion arrives, it’s important to let your loved ones know that you care. Sending congratulations flowers is the perfect way of doing just that. When you order a fresh bouquet of blooms and have it delivered to their door, they will be filled with joy for sure. Here are some important tips […]

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Cut flower advice – how to cut stems

Whether you receive a fresh flower bouquet or you want to cut blooms from your garden, it’s important to make sure that you cut flower stems just right. Proper cutting techniques and practices ensure that the flower will last that much longer. Here are some essential tips. Cut at an angle One of the most […]

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Suitable flowers for your doctor or therapist

Doctors and therapists are faced with the tough task of providing their patients with the best care. Patients often feel the need to thank doctors and medical professionals for all their help and care. However, it is important to remember that there are some gifts that will prove appropriate while others are too personal. The […]

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Alstroemeria Care

Alstroemeria flowers are native to South America Where they mostly grow wild in Chile, and eastern Brazil. where they are regarded as beautiful relics, with large brightly coloured, often spotted petals that give off a delightful scent. While Alstroemeria seeds can be bought and grown in the UK, there are precautions that should be followed […]

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The Easter Lily and its religious significance

Of all the flowers and plants that we enjoy around this time of year, the Easter Lily is easily one of the most popular. This lovely plant produces the most beautiful blooms and they are a welcomed sight after the long and cold winter. Associated with hope The Easter lily is known as a symbol […]

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