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Decorate with vases in your home

When you receive a bouquet of brilliant blooms, the might be delivered in a gorgeous vase. For the most part, transparent vases are the top choice because they are versatile and look great with all types of arrangements. Once the blooms perish, did you know that you can decorate with vases too? Here are some […]

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Spring blooms to brighten your living room

Spring is here and you will notice all the plants and trees around you coming back to life. The days are getting longer and the air has a superb sweet smell. You can pack away all those thick and heavy clothes and take this opportunity to give your home a beautiful new look with pretty […]

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Fresh flowers – always a suitable gift

When we think about sending fresh flowers, we usually imagine occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, welcoming new babies, house warming celebrations and other happy events. Yes, we usually send blooms for happy occasions but these are not the only moments when a bouquet can be the best gift. When somebody you know has lost a loved […]

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Pretty flowers to wear this spring

When we think about accessories to make our outfits look even better, we usually imagine items like earrings, necklaces, bracelets and so on. Pretty flowers can also make the most amazing accessories if you know how to choose them and how to wear them. There are plenty of occasions that will allow you to accessorize […]

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Corsage design ideas to save money

When attending a formal event, you might like to add some floral accessories to make your outfit look even more special. In fact, in many cultures it is considered customary to present your date with a floral corsage when picking them up for the evening. If you are not sure how to go about choosing […]

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How to make a crown of flowers

Summer is the perfect time to make the most of every single gorgeous flower that nature has to offer! You can use them to decorate your home, office, or even act as an accessory to your outfit! Here’s how you can make your very own floral crown in a matter of minutes. You will need: […]

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Elegant flowers for Christmas

Regardless of the occasion, whenever you send flowers to someone, you need to put plenty of thought into your decision.  When it comes to Christmas flowers, many people already have a somewhat traditional idea in mind in terms of the design and flower choice.  That said, if you visit your local florist, you will notice […]

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Choosing a Random Winner for the Mother’s Day Competition

Here at Prestige Flowers we love doing competitions. However the task of picking a winner has proved to be something that is much more difficult than anticipated. Picking a winner isn’t as simple just having a person randomly select one of our users from the list. This leaves the system open to potential abuse. What […]

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