Flowers that won’t make you sneeze

One of the downsides of certain flowers is the pollen. For those with mild to severe allergies, a beautiful bouquet can result in puffy eyes, plenty of sneezing and all the rest of those nasty allergy symptoms. The good news is that there are a number of flowers out there that will not have this effect.


These colourful beauties will not make you sneeze and they are available in regular and spray varieties. They can be arranged on their own or along with other flowers or all on their own. You can select a single colour or mix it up if you prefer.


They might not be pollen-free but they have less pollen than most other types of flowers. Their bright colour makes them an excellent choice for birthdays and other happy occasions or even when you want to cheer up a loved one.


They have the most amazing fragrance but these spring flowers have very little pollen. So you really do get the best of both worlds. They are available in various colours and you can enjoy them as cut flowers or as potted plants.


These blooms are pollen-free and they are available in several colours. While many people think that these are large flowers, they are actually small clusters of flowers on a single stem. You don’t need a lot of them to make an impressive display and they look great on their own or paired with other blooms.


Roses have a sweet scent and they have less pollen than most other blooms. Roses also have heavier pollen which means that these popular and elegant blooms can definitely make your friend or loved one smile without the sneezes!

Many of these flowers can be enjoyed all on their own or paired with one or more other types of flowers. Just make sure that all of the flowers you choose have low amounts of pollen or heavy pollen that will not float into the air to irritate those allergies.