Festive centrepieces to spruce up your table

Your Christmas is perfect and should go off without a hitch. You’ve thought of everything, from the bar to the menu to the number of place settings. However, you may feel like something is missing: festive decorations. Decor can set the mood and make your guests feel better. Different seasons require different decorations and, however, flowers are always an option to consider. Whether you choose to have your local florist deliver flowers on the same day or choose to do the arrangements yourself, the trick is knowing which blooms to use for your festive centrepieces.

Colour choices

There are a variety of flowers that are perfect for Christmas. Start by thinking about Christmas and think of different trees and flowers that immediately come to mind. Your first thoughts might be holly, mistletoe, and poinsettia, all of which are good choices for the season. When choosing Christmas flowers, whether you plan to use them as festive centrepieces or on a side table, you should stick to a festive theme and colour palette that defines your home. Green, red and white are common colours and gold and silver handles complement these designs well. Of course, if you decorate your Christmas tree in a different palette like blue and silver, you can use the same colour palette in your Christmas bouquet.

The right size

Depending on the type of dinner you have planned, you will choose your flowers accordingly. The size of the bouquet will depend on the size of the picture that will be displayed. You can’t keep a big bouquet on a small table. This will take up almost all the space and leave room for eating. The type of table you use will also affect your decision. In a round table, you should use the circle in the middle. Rectangular tables look best with long, horizontal decor.

Careful with the height

For the height of your festive centrepieces, you must keep your guests in mind. It’s wonderful to be able to enjoy so much organization but it creates problems in terms of communication. Trying to communicate with each other through piles of leaves and flowers must be problematic. If you want to elevate your flowers from the table, you can place them on a cake stand. In this way, it will give them some height without them being so high that you can’t make eye contact with people across the table.

When decorating with flowers, remember that they are not just festive centrepieces. You can add small floral touches here to emphasize the floral theme. For example, you can add beautiful flowers that match each guest’s wedding rings or the centre of their glasses. The best flowers for this are carnations, chrysanthemums and gerberas. You can also choose between fresh and artificial flowers. Fresh flowers must be arranged on the same day as artificial flowers can be placed further.