Flower tips – wiring and taping stems

Flower arranging is so much more than simply placing a few stems together in a vase or wrapping them up in colourful paper. Sometimes, when you want to create a more intricate design, you need to wire and tape the flower stems. If you have never done this before, not to worry because it’s easier than it sounds! Here’s what you need to know about reinforcing stems and creating artificial stems.

Wire types

Firstly, you need to make sure that you choose the right type of wire. There are different gauges from which you can choose and, the heavier the flower, the thicker the wire will need to be. Thicker wire is great for supporting heavier blooms. Thinner wires can be used on smaller flowers like asters or baby’s breath.

Round flower tips

If you prefer flowers with a round appearance, like carnations, you will need to trim the stems so that they are less than an inch long. You then take the wire and pierce the base of the flower. Run the wire through the flower base and bend both ends down so that they are parallel with the stem.

Flat flowers

Chrysanthemums are great in various designs and they are a popular example of flat flowers. Take a piece of wire and bend it to resemble a hairpin. Now insert the wire through the flower from the top. The two ends should come out through the base of the flower. Pull gently so that it does not come all the way out. When you no longer see the wire in the middle of the flower, stop pulling.

Small flower tips

Smaller flower need to be cut into smaller pieces and the base of the stem should be cleared of any foliage. Gather a few of these stems together before wrapping wire around them. Make sure that your wire is long enough to wrap the stems together and extend downwards to create an artificial stem.

Green tape

Apart from the flower tips mentioned above, you also need to keep in mind that wire is not necessarily the most attractive thing to see in an arrangement. This is why we use green floral tape. Tape can be used to conceal the wire and reinforce the stem even further. You should start at the top of the stem and work your way down. Stretch the tape slightly so that it forms a tight bond on the stems.

Once all of your stems are prepared, you can arrange your blooms however you like! These flower tips are particularly handy if you want to create your own corsage. You can wire and tape the stems before attaching them to a pin or bracelet.