Don’t forget to propose with flowers

Flowers are used to celebrate all types of occasions. From birthdays to funerals and everything in between – flowers always play a significant role. If you are planning on popping the question, don’t forget to propose with flowers! For those who are looking for some ideas, here are ways in which you can make a statement with fresh blooms.

Attach the ring to the flower

For this, you will need flowers with sturdy heads and stems. Roses are ideal because they are perfect for holding various items, including an engagement ring. All you need to do is place the ring inside one of the roses. Make sure that it is clearly visible. You might want to place it somewhere in the middle. To prevent the ring from falling, ask your florist for some floral wire. Bend a small piece of wire into a hairpin shape. Thread the ring onto the wire and then pierce the centre of the rose with the two ends. This will secure the ring to the flower perfectly.

Use the ring to bind the stems

If you order flowers with thinner stems, you can slide the ring over the stems to hold them together. You should also attach some other kind of elastic, tape or ribbon so that the bouquet does not fall apart when you remove the ring from the stems. Make sure that the ring is facing your partner so that they see it as soon as you present them with the bouquet. If you want to be a bit more ‘sneaky’, you can place the bouquet in a vase but make sure that the ring is above the vase. Enjoy a romantic dinner together and wait for your partner to notice the ring.

Flower petals

You could always spell it out with petals if you like. Provided you have enough space, you can decorate your living room or bedroom and, on the floor or wherever you like, you can spell out the words ‘Will You Marry Me’. This is a bold move and will certainly have a lasting impression.

No matter how you plan on proposing, make sure that you have a romantic bouquet for your partner. You want them to have something beautiful to remember this wonderful moment. When you propose with flowers, you will make the most romantic impression.