Protea bouquet and how to arrange them

If you are looking for a beautiful and unusual bloom to brighten your home or make somebody smile, you should consider proteas. A protea bouquet might seem like a challenge to arrange but it really is easier than it seems. With these easy steps, you can create a beautiful arrangement that will make a lasting impression.

What you need:

  • 1 King Protea

  • A selection of roses to surround the protea (pink and off-white varieties)

  • Foliage that looks similar to the shape of grape flower buds

  • Grapevine branches or similar foliage

  • Elastic bands

  • Sharp scissors

  • Two large decorative pins and silk ribbon


To start creating a protea bouquet, you will need to place your King Protea in the centre.

  • Add your roses around the protea and make sure that you alternate between the two colours. They should be slightly lower than the protea.

  • Next time, you should add some foliage until the bouquet is completely surrounded.

  • You can look the grapevine over the top of the bouquet a couple of times.

  • Use your sharp scissors to cut all of the stems to the same length.

  • Wrap the stems from the top to the bottom with a silk ribbon. You will need to secure them at the top with one of the pins and, once again, at the bottom of the stems with the second pin

  • Keep the bouquet hydrated in some fresh water until the time comes to present the bouquet to somebody special.

As you can see, it is really easy to create this protea bouquet. You only need one large protea in order to create this beautiful arrangement with the help of mass blooms that will give the bouquet volume while allowing the protea to really stand out.