Flowers to honour their memory

When a loved one passes away, it’s an extremely painful experience. After the funeral and once all the appropriate paperwork has been taken care of, life seems to go on for everyone except their family. For the family, the first year is the most painful of all. Every occasion during this year will be a painful reminder that their loved one is no longer with them. They will spend their first Christmas, first New Year, birthday, and other anniversaries without that one important person in their lives.

Initially, when your loved one passes away, you are bound to receive several fresh flower deliveries. Sympathy flowers are often sent as a way of showing support to the family. They are sent as soon as the news of their loved one’s passing reaches their ears. Sympathy flowers are not usually sent after a year or several years have passed.

For the family members, the loss of their loved one can be extremely painful on the anniversary of their passing. They tend to almost relive watching or hearing about their loved one’s passing and, even after many years, those feelings can be just as raw and painful as ever. The most important thing to remember is to face these feelings in order to deal with them. Instead of trying to escape them, rather take this day to remember the incredible person you’ve lost and honour them the best way that you can.

You might visit their grave many times during the first year. However, it’s on the anniversary of their passing that you will really feel the need to do something extra special. Which is why it’s a great idea to have a special floral tribute made for this occasion. Take the flowers to their grave and spend some time reflecting on those happy times. It’s easy to get caught up in your grief but the best way to heal is to allow yourself to smile, laugh, and enjoy the good times.

If you are wondering what types of flowers you should choose to set by their grave, there is no right or wrong answer really. You could start a tradition of laying down a wreath every year using the same flowers that were used at the funeral. You could choose different flowers every year or you could choose their favourite flowers.

For those who do not have a grave to visit, for whatever reason, you can still honour your lost loved ones by visiting special places. If you scattered their ashes at a specific spot, you can scatter flower petals here each year. If you would like to let motorists know to be careful at a certain intersection, you could find out whether you will be permitted to display a bouquet on the side of the road in honour of your loved one. There are plenty of ways of honouring them but the most important thing is to do what you feel is right for you. Everyone grieves differently and there is never a right or wrong way to deal with loss.