Black flowers are beautiful

When we think of colourful flowers, we often imagine such colours as red, pink, yellow, and so on. Black is not the first colour that comes to mind but it’s interesting to note that even nature has a place for this colour in some of her most amazing creations.

The bat orchid has an interesting name due to its colour as well as the unique shape of this flower. It’s certainly an eye-catcher and an excellent example of black flowers in nature. The black dahlia is not exactly black but rather a very dark shade of red. Since a vase of fresh cut flowers should not be displayed in direct sunlight, these flowers will be set in a shaded spot. This helps give them an even darker appearance – even closer to black.

Calla lilies are available in several colours and the one dark shade of purple is extremely close to black. The black velvet petunia is also a dark shade of purple – even darker than that of the calla lily. Some roses and tulips are also available in very dark shades of red and purple which gives them a black appearance. You will only really notice that they are not actually black upon very close inspection.

Remember, apart from these natural occurrences of black (or nearly black) flowers, you can always ask your florist about spray painting flowers. Black might not seem like the ideal colour for flowers but if you have a friend or love interest who adores this colour (and wears mostly black), you can be sure that they will love a black bouquet! Remember to skip the foliage when ordering black flowers. They look much better all on their own in a simple yet stylish vase. You can even add a black ribbon around the clear glass vase for that extra special touch.