Beautiful flower hacks everyone should know

Fresh flowers are not only great gifts for your friends and family. They are also great for pampering yourself. Whether you receive a flower delivery from a friend or you buy flowers for yourself, you can be sure that these hacks will help you get that much more out of them!

Trim your stems

When cutting the stems of your beautiful flower stems, you should trim them at a 45 degree angle. This ensures that they do not rest directly on the bottom of the vase and, therefore, absorption is not obstructed.

Potted orchid care

You can provide your orchid plant with a regular supply of water by placing an ice cube to the pot.

Fruity vase fillers

You can make your beautiful flower arrangement look even more amazing by adding the right fillers. If you want to add fruit slices, like lemon or lime, you can use a double vase method. Place one vase inside a larger one. The inner vase will hold the flowers and the outer vase will hold the inner vase along with the fruity fillers.

Open up closed buds

If you receive a beautiful flower bouquet and some of the blooms are still closed buds, you can encourage them to open up by placing them in warm water before you place them in cooler vase water.

Short stems

Some of the most beautiful flower arrangements can be creating using short-stemmed blooms. You can create some stunning displays by placing them in a decorative teacup.

Displaying cacti

One of the best ways in which you can display succulents and cacti is in a ceramic or glass holder such as a dessert bowl.

Dried bouquet

You can create a beautiful flower arrangement with dried blooms by simply hanging them upside down. Make sure that you keep them out of the wind or direct sunlight.

Perfectly arranged

If you want to ensure that all of your stems are perfectly spaced apart, you simply need to use clear tape to create a grid on top of the vase. Insert the stems in this grid and you’ll have a gorgeous result.

Support soft stems

If you have the most beautiful flower selection but some of your blooms have soft stems, not to worry. You can give them the support they need with floral wire and floral tape to conceal the wire.

Pollen removal

If you remove pollen from certain flowers, like lilies, you can prevent them from making a mess and it also helps extend their vase life.

With all of these beautiful flower hacks, you will get to enjoy your next bouquet that much more! Keep these simple tips in mind every time somebody sends you fresh flowers.