Orange flowers fit for the season

Orange flowers are very popular in autumn flower arrangements, and are preferred in spring and summer. You may have noticed how many florists prefer to mix orange, purple, red and dark green flowers that really bring out those shades. Of course, orange blossoms are also very popular on their own. Not all of these flowers are the same colour and some flowers offer more than one shade. If you hope to send flowers and want to find a bouquet of oranges, it is important to understand each of them means.

Different meanings

Orange flowers with a hint of red represent romantic and spiritual intentions. If you have strong feelings for someone, these are the best orange blooms to send. Varieties with a dark colour represent insecurity or insecurity, which means they are suitable if you are trying to restore the trust of your loved one. The shade of orange represents wealth and wisdom, so feel free to send these flowers if you want them to be good or to thank them for helping you succeed. A combination of yellow and orange represent good health. People who are recovering can be sent home or to a hospital. If you want to send a friendly gift, look for an orange shade with that hint of peach colour.

Types of blooms

Once you have decided on the shade of orange you are looking for, you will need to find flowers of that colour. Some popular options include carnations, roses, gerberas and lilies. Orange gerberas are especially attractive when arranged with red daisies and olive green. Tulips are also in orange, as are marigolds and cosmos. Just as the colours indicate the meaning of flowers, so do the types of flowers themselves. If you are creating a summer flower arrangement, you must include lush orange flowers in the mix. Blue flowers form a perfect contrast when added to an orange bouquet.

Preserving their beauty

Depending on the type of flower, orange flowers are good for pressing and drying. Flat flowers (like gerberas) are better for pressing, while roses are better for drying. Delicate flowers such as tulips may not be dried or trimmed properly.

If you intend to decorate your home or send a bouquet to somebody special this autumn season, you should consider choosing red, cream and even white blooms in the bouquet. The summer season often calls for brighter colours while spring is best celebrated with pastel shades. So, keep the season in mind when choosing the shade of orange flowers you wish to use.