Autumn blooms for every room in your home

The autumn season has so much beauty to offer. Unfortunately, many people don’t yet take full advantage of the inspiration nature has to offer. When decorating your home ahead of the winter season, take a moment to shop for the perfect autumn blooms for every room. Here are some practical tips to help you choose the right flowers for every area of your home as you truly embrace this season.

Bedroom blooms

Your bedroom is where you begin and end each day. Therefore, you want to ensure that this environment is as warm and welcoming as possible. The right autumn blooms will ensure that you start each day on a positive note. Take care not to overdo it because your bedroom should never feel cluttered. A small vase set on your nightstand or dresser will do the trick. When choosing flowers, you should opt for blooms that reflect the autumn season. In other words, they should be red, orange or yellow. You can even include all three colours if you like. Flowers like gerbera daisies are great for this reason. One of each in a small vase will look great in your bedroom.

Bathroom bouquet

Your bathroom might not seem like the kind of place where you would set a vase but this is not entirely true. No, you do not want to place a huge arrangement in this small room. However, bud flower arrangements are perfect for smaller spaces. Consider daisy-like autumn blooms for this room or you could even opt for a potted plant if you prefer. Just make sure that the environment in your bathroom will sustain the needs of the plant you choose.

Dining area

Whether you eat in your dining room or around the kitchen table, you should decorate this table area to make it more welcoming and pleasant. This arrangement can be larger than the bouquets in your bathroom or bedroom. You can choose from a variety of types of autumn blooms. Just make sure that your centrepiece is not too tall or it will make it difficult to see one another from opposite ends of the table. The best types of blooms for these bouquets include roses, sunflowers, chrysanthemums, carnations and any blooms that are part of the daisy family.

Remember, your fresh autumn blooms will eventually start to perish. However, this does not mean that you should completely discard them. You can remove any wilting blooms from your bouquets and allow them to dry out completely. Once you have enough, you can add your favourite essential oils and make your very own potpourri.