Essential retirement flowers etiquette

After many years of work, retirement is the ultimate reward and everyone deserves a meaningful send off. If you are planning on sending retirement flowers, it’s important to keep these essential etiquette tips in mind.

Why send flowers

First, you should know why it’s a good idea to send retirement flowers to your friend or co-worker. Fresh blooms are a thoughtful gift for all occasions, including retirement. They are beautiful and they have a wonderful way of making any recipient smile. You can even have flowers delivered directly to the lucky recipient or you can have them delivered to your workplace on their last day of work.

Best types of flowers

When it comes to romantic blooms, there’s no doubt that red roses are the top option. What many people don’t know is what type of retirement flowers they should buy. Consider flowers and colours that will honour the recipient. Think about their preferences as well as their personality. If they are bright and bubbly, a bouquet of sunflowers would be fantastic. Pastel shades are perfect for those known for their refined taste. It’s also a good idea to consider whether the recipient is a woman or man. Feminine colours like pink and purple are perfect for the ladies while blue and white suit men. If you are unsure, mixed bouquets will suit any recipient.

Potted plants

If you are not sure about sending retirement flowers, your co-worker may prefer a potted plant. Some excellent examples include orchids, succulents and snake plants. Before choosing a plant for the retiring recipient, you should consider what the plant will need. If you know that they love plants but they might not be all that experienced in plant care, succulents are perfect.

When to arrange the delivery

After you have selected the right retirement flowers or potted plant, it’s time to decide when and where to have the floral gift delivered. Your options include delivery to their home or you can present the bouquet in person at work. It will largely depend on whether you want to see their reaction or if you would rather not display your gift to the rest of the staff.

Something extra

Finally, before placing your order, you should consider adding something extra to your retirement flowers. Options include a bottle of wine, luxury chocolates or a colourful balloon. Consider the preferences of the recipient when making your choice.

With these etiquette tips in mind, you can be sure that your retirement flowers will be appreciated and remembered for years to come. Just make sure that you also include a sincere message in the card attached. This way, they will know who sent the flowers and the note will be a lovely keepsake too.