Getting your crush to take notice of you

When you have a crush on somebody and you don’t quite know how to tell them, it can be both frightening and frustrating. All you want is to tell them how you feel but, at the same time, rejection is not something you think you can handle. So, how do you show your crush how you feel without outright declaring your undying love in front of everyone?

Well, first things first, start by making casual conversation with your crush. If you are already friends, then you’re off to a great start! Get to know your crush and find out what they like and what they don’t like. Take notice of the small things like what colour they might be partial to. If you notice that they have a particular love for a certain flower, then this is also significant.

Once you have made some kind of positive impression and you know a bit more about your crush, it’s time to do some online flower shopping. Run a search for flowers online and look for something that you believe your crush will like. If their favourite colour is yellow, for example, then look for a bright, yellow bouquet of flowers to send. If you know that they love Gerbera Daisies, then you know that a bouquet consisting of these flowers will be well received. Either way, try to find something that you know they will enjoy. Red roses are the ultimate declaration of love but they can also come across as quite bold. Pink roses will send the right message without that bold edge.

When you find the perfect bunch of flowers, place your order and don’t forget to look for some extras to add to it. Things like chocolates or a stuffed animal are great choices for showing that you care. Your florist should also allow you to include a message. In the card attached to the bouquet, you can choose to keep your message anonymous or you can add your name at the end. Always make sure that you spell the recipient’s name correctly – there’s no greater insult than somebody who can’t get your name right! Make your intentions very clear in the message and give your crush a way of responding. If you include your name, you can ask them to let you know if they feel the same. If you choose to remain anonymous, you can ask them to meet you at specific spot for a date.

The most important part of all is that you send the perfect bunch of flowers. Online florists often make this really easy by dedicating a section on their website for romantic flowers. So, when in doubt, just browse through this section for inspiration!