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Fresh flowers are known for having a positive effect on our mood. Not only is this important when sending flowers to a loved one, but also when you order a bouquet for yourself. Here are some of the best flower colours to choose for happiness.

Yellow chrysanthemums

When it comes to happy flower colours, you can’t go wrong with yellow chrysanthemums. Yellow is the colour of joy and chrysanthemums represent optimism too. There is no doubt that a bouquet that includes these flowers will make anyone smile.

Pink tulips

Pink is a stunning colour that is associated with relaxation and it has a calming effect too. Pink tulips are perfect for expressing kindness, affection and compassion.

Red roses

When it comes to romantic flower colours, red roses are the number one choice. These blooms are the top choice for occasions like Valentine’s Day, anniversaries and more. Red is a powerful colour that stimulates physical energy, courage and confidence. It also promotes alertness which is why you can easily display it in your home or office.

Orange ranunculus

Like yellow, orange is another warm and vibrant colour. A bouquet of orange ranunculus will share optimism, wisdom and brighten any room. This is one of the most amazing flower colours since you can pair it with so many other shades.

Purple anemones

Purple is associated with creativity, calm and inspiration. Purple is the colour of royalty and it is one of the easiest to find flower colours. Many different flowers are available in several shades of purple. Anemones, in particular, will have a dramatic effect even as bud arrangements.

Apart from all of these bright and beautiful flower colours, it’s also important not to forget the calming balance that green brings to the bouquet. Green is a cool colour while yellow, red and orange are all warm colours. When paired together, they balance each other out.

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