Flowers to bring your party to life

Planning a party can be a lot of fun. Just as long as you don’t let yourself get too stressed out with all the details. Choosing the perfect décor depends on the theme and your budget. Fresh flowers can really brighten things up in just the right way. It’s important that you display your flowers in just the right places in order to create that desired effect.

Some of the best places to display flowers for your party include the entrance hall, lobby, cocktail area, and any tables. It’s often a good idea to decorate several parts of your home in order to create that party theme that runs through the entire venue.
You can also place flowers on the seating card area, on each dinner table, and give each place setting that splash of colour with floral napkin rings. If you plan on serving a buffet meal, then you should decorate the food tables too. Yes, your buffet tables will look great when fully decked with food. However, when your guests start to help themselves to the various foods, you will notice how the visual appeal deteriorates. If you add flowers to these tables, it will help keep them looking good.

Your gift table will be empty to start with, which is all the more reason to decorate it with a modest bouquet. As the gifts stack up, the table won’t look quite as bare and you might like to move the bouquet at a later stage if the table gets too full.

Don’t forget about your restrooms! They will be frequented at least once by each guest during the course of the evening. Which is all the more reason to make sure that they are properly tended to and brightened up with something like fresh flowers.

Finally, before you place your flower order, make sure that your priorities are in order. If you are limited in the budget department, then focus on ordering the flowers you can afford but make sure that they will have just the right effect. In other words, when you do a bit less, take the time to do it really well. This way, your guests will be none the wiser!

Don’t be afraid of vibrant colours and elaborate shaped arrangements. You can also ask your florist about renting vases and flower containers to hold the arrangements. This is a great way of saving money!