Wedding flowers for your vow renewal

When you get married and you say your vows, it might not really sink in for several months or even years. Every marriage has its ups and downs. It’s how you get through them that counts. Renewing your vows is a great way of relighting that fire and rededicating yourself to your partner. It is also a great way of commemorating significant milestones like your 25th wedding anniversary. If you are planning a vow renewal ceremony, here are some tips for wedding flowers and more.

What is this service all about?

The first thing that you need to remember is that this is not a second wedding. In other words, you don’t need to go all out like you did the first time around. This is a ceremony that redefines your love based on your existing relationship. In many cases, saying your vows at this stage is even more meaningful because you have each grown and you have grown as a couple. Of course, as detailed below, you will still need to consider your attire as well as other important details like wedding flowers.

What to wear?

Unlike your wedding, the bride should not arrive in anything that can resembles a wedding gown. Yes, she should wear an elegant dress and it can even be white if she chooses. However, it should be simple and without too many layers or a train. No veil is necessary either. She can still have her hair and make up professionally done in order to look her best. As for the groom, a smart suit will do just fine. Avoid anything too over the top like a tuxedo.

How about a bouquet?

Now for the wedding flowers! It is perfectly acceptable to carry a bouquet down the isle even when renewing your vows. Just like your dress, you don’t want the bouquet to be too lavish. It should be as simple as possible. You will most likely plan a small reception after the ceremony. In this case, you will need centrepieces for each table. Again, keep it simple. There is no need to break the bank.

The most important part of all is not what you wear or even the wedding flowers you choose. It is the fact that you are taking a moment to really reflect on your marriage and rededicate yourself to your spouse.