Should you send flowers Just Because?

Sometimes you just feel like spoiling somebody with a special gift. An unexpected gift is not only a wonderful surprise, but it can also give the recipient that emotional boost they need. Sometimes, our loved ones experience difficult moments although they may keep their emotions to themselves. By sending a gift Just Because, you could be offering them exactly what they need – support.

When shopping for a gift that is suitable to send for no particular occasion, it’s good to keep it subtle yet meaningful. You don’t want to go too over the top with your gift choice. This is why a fresh flower arrangement is such a perfect gift.

Different types of flowers are suited for different occasions. Red roses, for example, are usually sent for romantic occasions like Valentine’s Day or anniversaries. Pink carnations are a popular choice for Mother’s Day while red, white and green bouquets are often displayed in homes over Christmas. So, when it comes to flowers Just Because, which ones should you choose?

Bright and colourful blooms are always a good choice when sending flowers for happy occasions which means that they are also great when you want to send a bouquet just because. Usually, the safest bet is to opt for a mixed bouquet. This means that the bouquet will include several colours and it could also consist of several types of flowers. For example, a mixed bunch of roses or tulips will brighten anyone’s day. The same can be said for a bouquet of roses, carnations and lilies – each in a different colour specifically chosen to complement one another.

Since there is no specific occasion, you need not worry about choosing flowers accordingly. You might want to avoid certain flowers depending on your relationship with the recipient. For example, if you want to send flowers to a friend or family member, you should avoid red roses. Red roses can be sent as a non-romantic gift if they are included in a mixed bunch but they should never be sent on their own if you don’t have romantic intentions.