Amazing Tree that will Self-Destruct in 100 Years- After it flowers

A flowering Palm tree has been discovered in a remote place in Madagascar. The new find self-destructs after it flowers after a 100 year life span. The rare flowering palm tree can grow up to 70 feet high and almost 20 foot wide palm leaves.  This fascinating tree has been familiar with the local residents of the island however the western world has only just found out about this phenomenon. Scientists are keen to find out what causes this palm tree to die exactly at 100 years, and how does it manage to destruct itself and for what purpose. Before its death the flowering palm tree strangely grows a Christmas tree type plant out the top, it looks very bizarre.

Mr Metz, a local business man notified the authorities at London Kew Gardens of this new find. At the moment the tree has not been named however one is expected to be made by the Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society. It is thought that there are little than a 100 of these flowering palm trees left on the plant, especially with the rapid deforestation of the Amazon.