Suitable flowers for a rustic setting

Rustic flower arrangements can help you create the perfect setting. When you think of a rustic theme, you may imagine something like a countryside or even a farmhouse theme. Not all blooms can be used for these types of arrangements, however. Here are some examples of the most suitable flowers from which you can choose along with a few tips.

Colour choices

The first thing you need to consider when selecting the most suitable flowers for your rustic bouquet is the colour scheme of the arrangement. Pastel and pale shades are best so look for blooms that are available in off-white, pale pink, purple, orange and peach. While these blooms will add colour, they are not so bold that they will create a more modern appearance. If you like, you can stick to a single colour. However, many people agree that a combination of colours is best. Don’t forget to add some greenery too!

Brighter shades

If you have your heart set on brighter colours, you can opt for shades of flowers that can be found in fields of wild flowers. Think of blooms like daisies and sunflowers when creating a rustic flower bouquet. Also, it’s not just about their colours, but the types of flowers you use too. For example, bright germinis and gerbera daisies will look rustic while tulips will not.

Height and style

Another key factor when arranging a rustic flower display is the shape and style of the arrangement itself. Flowers need to be arranged in a way that creates several layers of height. It should also be balanced in such a way that it looks like the blooms have simply been plucked from a nearby field and placed in the vase. They should not be arranged too perfectly.


A rustic flower display cannot be placed in just any vase. You should look for one that is brown in colour and avoid anything with specific patterns. You can even use a wooden container and place a glass or jar inside it to hold the water. Watering cans are also lovely. If you don’t have any containers or vases, you can use a tray with floral foam. Just be sure to arrange your flowers and foliage in such a way that the support tray is completely concealed.

Once your rustic flower arrangement is ready, all you need to do is find the perfect spot to put it on display. Depending on the size of the arrangement, it might be best suited for your kitchen, living room or other communal areas where it will receive plenty of attention.