Calla lily flower facts

Lilies come in various shapes and shades. The calla lily is probably one of the first that comes to mind. Considering they aren’t technically lilies, it’s significant enough that we think of calla lilies first. Initially, they were miscategorised and later reclassified. Although the bug was fixed, the name still remained. This lily is a popular choice for a variety of occasions, including weddings. Brides have included one or more of these flowers in their wedding bouquet, as it symbolizes outstanding beauty.

Native to South Africa

Native to South Africa, the calla lily also thrives in climates like Madagascar. Like any other flower, its origins do not prevent it from being grown in other parts of the world. Call lilies are fairly easy to grow as long as their climatic needs are met. Consider the climate of South Africa, where snow only covers the high mountains and frost generally affects only the low valleys. That said, South Africa enjoys wonderfully warm summers and relatively mild winters. Temperatures don’t drop too much, especially in coastal locations like Durban and Cape Town.

Annuals or perennials

If you reside in an area that experiences severe frosts and snow, you will grow these lilies as annuals. If you are lucky enough to live in an area where winters are mild like in South Africa, you can enjoy the calla lily as a perennial plant and enjoy its flowers every year.

Cut flowers

Calla lilies make wonderful cut flowers and can last anywhere from four days to two weeks. Of course, if they only last four days, that’s usually an indication that they haven’t received the best possible care. Each bouquet of flowers must be treated according to its specific needs. The better you take care of your cut flowers, the longer they will last. Calla lilies have strong stems and are quite thirsty. Be sure to monitor the water level and don’t let them dry out.

When displaying your calla lily bouquet, you should place them in a nice tall vase. That way, you’re taking full advantage of their beautiful long stems and prominent flowers. Don’t cut the stems too short or your bouquet will look out of proportion. Since the flowers are relatively large, the stems need to be long and so is the vase.