Spring blooms to brighten your home

Winter can be a difficult time for many. The cold weather, short days and rather gloomy view from your window can make anyone yearn for brighter days. Now that winter is over, it’s time to prepare for the warmer months of the year. What better way to celebrate the change of season than by decorating your home with fresh spring blooms? Here are some excellent tips to help you spruce up your home.

The perfect spot

The first point you need to consider is where you plan on showing off your beautiful bouquet of spring blooms. Remember, if you place a vase in your bedroom, you may not get to enjoy them quite as much as you would if you display them in a busier area like your living room or kitchen. Not only do you want to enjoy them each day, but you also want your home to look its best when you welcome visitors.

Choosing colours

Each season is associated with different colours and colour schemes. Autumn makes us think of orange, dark yellow, red and brown. During the winter, we often enjoy festive arrangements as well as bouquets with a snowy theme. For the spring season, however, you will have a lot more options in terms of colours. Usually, pastel shades are preferred as they take us through a gentle transition from winter to summer. Some of the most popular colours include pink, purple, yellow and blue. If you like, you can use mostly pastel colours and add a splash of bright colour as an accent to offset the colour scheme.

Types of flowers

As for the types of spring blooms you should choose, you can be sure that your florist will have an amazing selection. Some flowers, like roses, are considered staples in any flower shop so you should find them throughout the year. Some other great options for this season include tulips, freesia, peonies and zinnias.

Your vase

No matter how beautiful your spring blooms are, it is also important to take the time when selecting your vase. The right holder will go a long way in terms of finishing off the design and bringing all aesthetic elements together. If you have a simple design with just one or two colours, you can choose a vase with more complex d├ęcor. If your bouquet is filled with various colours and is already rich in texture, you should use a plain vase instead. Whenever in doubt, a clear glass vase is always a safe bet.

Not only are these ideas for spring blooms great for decorating your own home, but also if you plan on presenting somebody with a floral gift or even decorating your office. Just like seasonal fruit, it’s important to really make the most of what each season has to offer in terms of seasonal blooms and colours.