Friendship flowers to mend your relationship

Friendships can come and go while others last a lifetime. The key to a successful and long-lasting friendship is communication, understanding, respect and forgiveness. We all make mistakes but it’s up to us to make a point of forgiving our loved ones. When you have wronged a friend, you can always mend your friendship with flowers. If you are not sure what kind of bouquet to send, here are some ideas for friendship flowers.

Sorry flowers

If you are looking for a flower that sends the message ‘I’m Sorry’, then look for a purple Hyacinth to mend your friendship. Even if you cannot find them as cut flowers, you might be able to find a potted variety. Just make sure that it is in bloom so that you know the colour of the blooms without a doubt. If they are not in season, not to worry, you still have a number of other options.

Friendship flowers

Yellow roses are known for being the best flowers to send to friends. They are a popular choice on Friendship Day. This means that they are perfect for apologising to your bestie. Yellow roses delivered to their door with a sincere note from you will certainly do the trick.

Choose their favourites

You must know your friend well enough by now to know their favourite things in life. If you know that they love a particular type of flower, why not send a bouquet of these blooms? This is an excellent way of showing you really care and want to mend your friendship. If they are crazy about a certain colour, choose a bouquet in this colour. If you really want to take it to the next level, you can always send them a bouquet of flowers in their favourite colour.

Send something extra

When you order flowers for your friend, remember to take a moment to consider adding something extra. Popular options include luxury chocolates, a cuddly bear and wine. Think about what your friend will enjoy the most and pair the item with your flowers for an even more impressive gift.

Friends do not simply give up on one another. After working on your friendship together for so many years, it’s a shame to let it all go. True friends are always worth fighting for and friendship flowers will help you mend your relationship before it’s too late.