Festive flowers for a large Christmas dinner

While some holiday gatherings are small or intimate, others cater to larger groups. Family dinner can be a quiet event, but corporate events serve a much larger number of people. As a result, planning these larger events is more complex than simply planning a dinner at home. It’s not just about the guest list and food, but also the decor and festive flowers.

Number of guests

When planning decorations and floral arrangements it is good to know how many people you can expect and how the tables will be arranged. Understanding the layout of the place will help you find the best way to decorate it. Each guest will need their own table, which means there should be enough space on the table for each guest’s plate, glass, cutlery and napkin. Knowing how much extra table space you have will determine the best type of decoration to choose.

Bouquet sizes and styles

Now that you have an idea of ​​how many arrangements you will need and how large they will need to be, you need to choose a colour scheme. For Christmas many opt for the classic red, white and green. However, you can choose gold and red or blue and silver. You could also focus more on the dark green colour and add natural accents like pine cones and cinnamon sticks or even festive berries. Once you have chosen the colours you want to use, it’s time to choose the right festive flowers. There are different flowers available in different colours. This means that the colours you choose will determine the types of blooms you can use. Red beauties such as roses and carnations are popular. You could also use traditional poinsettias. If you want the blue and silver colour scheme, ask your florist to stain or spray paint the blue and other silver flowers. The same goes for the golden aspects of the red and gold colour scheme.

Order your festive flowers in time

Once you have chosen the colours and flowers, you will need to contact your florist. Inform them about the date and location of the event and ask if they can deliver to that location and on this day. Remember, if you need your festive flowers before a certain time, you should make sure the florist is aware of this and that this clause is part of the agreement. The last thing you want is for your guests to arrive before the bouquets!

If delivery is a problem and you are worried that the flowers will arrive too soon, you can opt for artificial flowers. There are so many adorable options out there and many of them look very similar to the real thing! You can decorate the doors with garlands, wall decorations and artificial flowers, which are also great for buffet tables. Always remember to decorate the corners of your rooms. If the room has particularly high ceilings and without any real architectural merit, you can also hang prints to create a false ceiling effect. Add your festive flowers across these hanging drapes for an even more beautiful effect.