Turn old wine bottles into vases

After enjoying a bottle of wine or two, you might be inclined to toss the empty bottles out. What many people don’t realize is that wine bottles can make amazing decorative pieces in your home and you can even use them as vases. With Valentine’s Day coming up, you might want to make a special vase for a romantic centrepiece. Once you try your hand at reusing old wine bottles, you will make at least one for every occasion!

You will need:

  • Old wine bottle
  • Mod podge
  • Glitter (two colours and opt for extra fine for best results)
  • 2 x foam brushes
  • Accessories of your choice


  • Start by removing the label from your wine bottle and make sure that it is clean and dry before you begin.
  • Place your bottle on a piece of paper so that you can catch your glitter.
  • Start by applying mod podge to the bottom half of your bottle with one foam brush. Don’t make a straight line. You want to use a darker colour of glitter at the bottom and a lighter shade at the top. You will want the two colours to blend so a straight line would make blending tricky.
  • Once your mod podge is applied to the bottom half of the bottle, sprinkle dark (red) glitter over the bottle. It might not look great yet because there will be some open spots in between. Not to worry, this is the first of several layers.
  • Let it dry for at least 20 minutes. If possible, 1 hour standing time would be better.
  • Now apply mod podge to the top part of the bottle using your second foam brush.
  • Sprinkle the lighter glitter (pink) over the top part of the bottle and use your brush and let it stand for about an hour
  • Repeat this process by applying mod podge and glitter three or four times in total. When you reach the ideal result, you will know.
  • Remember to use your foam brush to blend the two colours together so that there is a smoother colour transition.
  • Apply one layer of mod podge to seal the glitter in place. You can use regular mod podge but if you want extra shine, you may prefer a spray variety.
  • Add accessories like hearts, the word LOVE, or anything you wish to emphasize the Valentine’s Day theme. Similarly, if you are creating a Mother’s Day design, then you might want to use different colours and accessories.

You can use this wine bottle as a vase or even as a decorative item at home or work. You could also make these as gifts for friends and loved ones for various occasions.