Wedding flowers and what you can do with them afterwards

While you want your wedding day to be absolutely amazing and the flowers to be just right, you probably don’t have much use for them once all is said and done. Many couples head off to their honeymoon straight after the reception which is yet another reason why it’s so important to know what you intend on doing with those blooms after the big day. Here are some ideas.

Church décor

If you are not planning on using your church wedding flowers for photo ops or to decorate your reception, you might like to leave them where they are. There is nothing more pleasantly surprising for the congregation than to enter on a Sunday morning to find those gorgeous bouquets. It will make the church look and feel that much more special. It will also fill the congregation with joy knowing that a happy couple has said their vows just the day before.

Gifts for guests

If you like, you can allow your guests to take home the flowers set on their tables. Usually, these wedding flowers are given to guests who stay the latest since you don’t want to end up flowerless halfway through the evening. Each lucky guest who receives such a bouquet will have an additional keepsake from your special day.

Donate to charity

There are also a number of amazing charities out there. They accept fresh flowers with open arms and they can be used to decorate frail care facilities, hospitals and other similar facilities. It’s amazing how much joy your wedding flowers can bring to so many. Just by donating them to a good cause, you will feel even that much better about your day. In order to donate, you should let the charity or facility know. You should also leave somebody in charge of delivering the flowers to the charity or assisting with the collection.

Your wedding flowers can do even more good than just making your day special. You can make others smile too! Before making your choice, consider the number of bouquets you plan on ordering and where they would serve their purpose best of all.