Christmas centrepieces you can make yourself

No Christmas table is complete without a colourful and festive Christmas centrepieces. For some, it’s the traditional look of red, green, white, and maybe even gold, silver, or blue. Then there are those more modern approaches that use larger amounts of gold or silver or perhaps even black and white.



A really simple DIY idea is to use a Christmas wreath. Instead of hanging it on the wall or door, you can place it on the table and place a large but short candle in the centre. The colour scheme you choose is completely up to you. The base of the wreath can also be made from a variety of materials, from dark green foliage to dried twigs and even cinnamon sticks or marshmallows.


Pretty Poinsettias

Your Christmas centrepieces can also be made up of poinsettias. You can use one potted plant or multiple plants, depending on the size of your table. You don’t need to do much with this arrangement. Simply place them in the centre of the table and make sure they have attractive vases! Otherwise, cover the vases with festive wrapping paper.


Floral knobs

Festive floral knobs are often hung from the ceiling. However, you can use inverted cone-shaped vases (or vases shaped like those from the Victorian era). Place the vase on the table and the ball on top if you want something different this year. Remember that Christmas centrepieces with artificial flowers will not need water, while fresh flowers will need to be placed in wet floral foam.


Dried design

If you want to get really creative, you can string some dried red chilli peppers and wrap them around the base of a short, thick candle. Make two or three rings and make sure they only fit the bottom of the candle.


Add accessories

Remember that you can be very creative with flowers such as roses, carnations, amaryllis and chrysanthemums. All you need is a block of floral foam, red and white flowers, dark green leaves and a couple of red candles. Place foliage around the edge of the foam to create a base, add flowers and place candles in the centre for the finishing touch. If desired, feel free to add pine cones, sparkly bells and other reasonably sized decorations for your Christmas centrepieces.


If you want to do something really special, you can place a mini Christmas tree in the centre of the table. Just remember to cover the dish if it’s not as attractive as you’d like. You can also hang small candies and chocolates on the tree. These Christmas centrepieces will serve as decoration and a sweet treat for your guests!