Flower colour options for the season

One of the most important features of any autumn bouquet is the colour used. Colour not only determines the theme of the flower arrangement, but also connects the bouquet to a particular season of the year. For example, you probably won’t see Christmas d├ęcor on display in September or October. Here are some important flower colour tips to remember for your autumn bouquet.


Bright orange

This season is associated with pumpkins, so it’s no surprise that orange pumpkins are the right colour for your autumn decor. Combined with dark green leaves, you can be sure that these flowers will always do the trick. There are many beautiful flowers available in this colour, so be sure to ask a florist for advice. This flower colour is not only great for autumn, but also if you want to decorate for Halloween next month.


Rustic style

If you prefer this rustic style, burnt orange is the perfect colour for you. This shade of orange will help other colours like yellow and red stand out even more! Rust is another great flower colour and this shade pairs well with brown and gold tones. These colours can be added like books and accessories.


Darker tones

Burgundy and plum are two other perfect shades for this time of year. These dark shades work well to complement lighter flower colour choices and look beautiful when paired with the right greenery.


Remember that your autumn flower arrangement doesn’t have to be all dark colours. You can help brighten up the display by adding bright cream-coloured flowers here and there. This flower colour should be added as accents rather than the main flowers in the arrangement. This will help bring out all the different parts of the bouquet.