Vase fillers for autumn bouquets

When daily temperatures start to drop and the days get shorter, you know that fall is already here. The sun rises later in the day and begins to set earlier. The leaves on the trees will also start to change colour and start to fall. Now, just because the trees are losing their leaves and the plants are going dormant doesn’t mean you won’t be able to enjoy fresh flowers. You can still order flowers and select colours and flowers that fit your fall theme. While flowers are important, the vase fillers can really set the tone for the arrangement.

Pine cones

For many of us, cost is often the most important factor. A bouquet of fresh flowers can be expensive even without the added expense of vase fillers. That’s why you really need to open your eyes to all the options around you. Let’s take pineapple for example. You can buy them at the store quite cheaply, or if you have a forest nearby, you can go for a walk and pick them up yourself. Pine cones are great for adding texture, but are strictly suited as fillers for dried or artificial floral arrangements. If you want, you can leave them in their natural state, or you can use spray paint to cover them in gold, silver, or fall colours.

Nuts and acorns

Like pine cones, you can use nuts and acorns as vase fillers. However, avoid painting them because they actually look better in their natural colours. Another option that will probably seem strange to you is onion. Small, unpeeled onions with skin that has multiple shades and colours look beautiful when placed correctly. Of course, don’t leave them there for too long and you’ll need to use them before they go bad. You should also be mindful of the dried fruit you use and make sure no condensation forms inside the jar due to changes in air temperature and humidity.


If you specifically want to display fresh flowers, you still have several options in terms of vase fillers. A festive and colourful option comes in the form of fresh red or green apples. The size of the apples you use will depend on the size and dimensions of the jar. You should also make sure that the filler complements the flowers in the arrangement. So if you use green apples, you should try to include similar shades of green and maybe a little yellow in your bouquet. Another filler suitable for use in or out of water are berries. Blueberries are a very popular choice and their rich red hues are ideal for any autumn arrangement.

Artificial decorations

If you want to use vase fillers that shouldn’t get wet and insist on displaying a bouquet of fresh flowers, you can use artificial replicas of your favourite items. Very realistic looking pine cones, berries and nuts are available today. Check out your local craft store for inspiration and ideas!

For those who like to put nothing inside the vase other than flower stems and foliage, you can use more delicate vase fillers, such as lemon and orange slices. Just be sure to change them and change the water regularly to prevent bacteria build-up. Alternatively, you can tie some berries (or something else) with clear twine or fishing line and use them to decorate the outside of the vase. You may have to glue some berries so they don’t fall off, but it creates a lovely effect.