Flower craft options for Autumn

As the hot summer winds down and autumn sets in, the weather and the great outdoors go through a pretty spectacular transition. In this period the days can be full of wind, rain and temperatures will drop considerably. In the summer, going for a walk or taking the little ones to play are some of the best ways to keep them entertained. You can enjoy picking fresh flowers with them in the comfort and privacy of your own garden or smell the sweet scents that fill the air at a nearby park. Once autumn arrives and your garden is no longer blooming, it’s time to head to your local florist for supplies so you can continue to enjoy a flower craft or two even in the cooler months of the year.

Indoor fun

The best thing about these flower craft ideas is that they are not dependent on the weather and you can enjoy being creative whatever the weather. Whether it’s too hot to sit outside in the sun or too cold to venture out onto the porch, you can still enjoy quality time with your family. There are various crafts that involve flowers and it’s a great way to get kids involved in something fun instead of watching TV or playing video games all day.

Make a basket

Making your own flower basket is just that activity. Now you can decide whether you want to buy a basket and start there or you can buy a basket making kit and create your own basket from scratch. Even if you have an old basket in the attic or shed, the goal of this flower craft is to decorate the basket so there’s no need for a new one. If you want to make your own basket, you can get more creative by also weaving in some ribbons and maybe some beads or berries to add texture and colour. The theme of your basket will depend on the season or occasion it is intended for. For example, a Christmas basket will look very different from a basket designed to hold confetti at a country-style wedding.

Crafts you can use

If you’re not up to the task of making a basket of flowers, you can make beautiful floral-themed coasters. You can create a set for every season so you always have the perfect coasters for every time of year. In summer, you’ll wear flowers in bright and bold colours, while pastel shades are best for spring. For winter, you can choose colours that are reminiscent of holidays like Christmas, such as red, white, and green. Autumn calls for warm shades of red, mustard and orange, as well as dark green and maybe even some gold, cream and brown. Whenever the new season rolls around, you can put away the old set of coasters and unpack the new ones. If you like, you can even create place mats to match your coasters so you have a perfect spot for when you’re entertaining guests.

Floral decoupage

Another beautiful way to use flowers to decorate your home is with a votive cup, pressed flowers, and tissue paper. Apply decoupage solution to the outside of the mug before placing the flowers. From now on you should apply a little more decoupage solution and cover with a layer of tissue paper. In just a few minutes you’ll have a fabulously decorated vase that you can fill with flowers or even place a candle in the centre for the perfect soft lighting during dinner. If you’re not a fan of regular candles, remember that LED lights and electric candles are also available. These are more durable options that also don’t pose any sort of fire hazard if you’re expecting kids to participate in this flower craft

As you can see, there’s really no need to shudder at the thought of the autumn. While the good days of summer may be behind us, this new season brings with it a lot of fun and there are plenty of ways to use nature to help you explore your creativity. You may have a particular favourite flower craft for the season. Of course, if you have never tried some of these ideas, now is the time to experiment and try something new!