Floral décor for your scrapbook

One of the best ways of sprucing up your scrapbook is by adding the right kind of accessories. Floral décor could be just what you need to achieve the desired effect. Of course, there are some important guidelines to follow when adding flowers to your scrapbook so keep these tips and ideas in mind as you plan each page.

Modern scrapbooking

Scrapbooking has a long history and, just like many traditions, arts and crafts, it has changed over the years. In the past, many people would simply clip and paste sentimental items into a book with thick pages. Today, scrapbooks are carefully arranged and pages have different themes and colour schemes. Decorations are added to underline the theme of the occasion depicted on that particular page. Floral décor is a popular option for many of these pages and pretty blooms can be used for many occasions.

A theme for each page

As briefly mentioned above, each page or each set of pages can have its own theme. Each page will be covered with plastic to protect the contents without turning photos yellow or causing damage. Even your floral décor will be beautifully preserved. When choosing blooms for a particular page, it is important to select the right colours. For example, if the pages are mostly yellow, you could add red and orange blooms for a warm colour scheme or you could add purple flowers for a gorgeous contrast.

Various accessories

While you may use fabric to hold photos in place and ribbons can be added here and there too. You might also like to include things like the baby’s bracelet in the beginning pages of the book and perhaps a snip of their hair. You can choose floral décor that represents the flowers that you received at the hospital or at home to welcome your new baby.

Memorable moments

The whole idea of a scrapbook is to have a place to keep all those precious memories safe and sound. You can use fresh floral décor but you can also use artificial flowers. Fresh flowers will need to be pressed and properly dried or they can become mouldy. So do take care when including them. You can also find some amazing embellishments at your local craft shop or even your supermarket. 3D stickers and other trinkets will go a long way towards turning each page into a special story.

Finally, you should remember to use floral décor here and there rather than on every page or else it will lose its effect. For instance, if you have a beach theme for a special holiday you enjoyed as a family, you should use seaside trinkets rather than flowers.