New baby blooms for January

What better way to begin the year than by welcoming a beautiful baby into this world? If you have a friend or family member who has just welcomed a baby boy, girl or even twins, they will appreciate all the well-wishes they can get. This is an exhausting time for new parents but some new baby blooms can give them just the boost they need.

Colour choices

Since flowers come in a wide variety of different colours, you will have no trouble finding new baby blooms in the perfect shade. Pink flowers are popular for baby girls while blue shades are a top choice for boys. If you want something a bit more neutral, you could opt for yellow flowers or a green and white bouquet. Another great option is a bouquet of Unicorn Roses. This type of bouquet includes roses in several pastel shades. It’s neutral and gentle appearance makes it perfect for boys, girls and a pigeon pair of twins too!

Flower types

It’s important to take some care when choosing the best types of flowers to celebrate this occasion. New baby blooms should either have no pollen or they should have heavy pollen. You want to avoid flowers that have airborne pollen since this could irritate the little one’s delicate senses. Roses are a brilliant choice. Carnations don’t have too much pollen so they are also a great option. You may also like to include daisy-like flowers.

Include a vase

The happy new parents might receive several bouquets of new baby blooms all at around the same time. They might not have dozens of vases in their home so, when you place your order, you should consider including a vase. This will make it so much easier for them to simply enjoy the bouquet without struggling to find a suitable vase.

Something extra

Apart from adding a vase to your flower order, you might also like to include something extra for baby such as a cuddly teddy bear. They might not be able to enjoy it right away but they sure can once they get a bit older. Luxury chocolates could be a great treat for mum and dad too so that’s also a great option.

Remember, when you shop for new baby blooms, you can either have the bouquet delivered directly to their home or you can receive the delivery and present the gift in person. The latter is particularly appealing if you would like to add something like baby clothing or a blanket to your gift. A direct delivery, however, is also great because the new parents might be too tired to entertain guests but you can still show them your support.