Romantic blooms for a Valentine’s Day party

If you are planning on hosting a party for Valentine’s Day, you might need a little help in the decorating department. This is a romantic occasion so you will most likely invite long-term and new couples. If you want to make sure that the party has just the right atmosphere, here are some excellent ideas to help you decorate with romantic blooms and more.

Red roses

Red roses are the number one choice when it comes to romantic blooms. For this reason, you might like to include them in your table centrepieces. Of course, they might have a higher price tag during this time of year so, if you are on a tight budget, you can always opt for other red blooms like carnations or tulips. You could even mix up several red flowers in each bouquet so that you get a bit of everything.

Gifts for guests

You might like to present each of your guests with a gift to commemorate this occasions. So, with this in mind, you could present each person with a single red rose or another red flower that they can take home once the event is over. Alternatively, you could package up some luxury chocolates and set them on each place setting.

Colour scheme

Red is the obvious colour scheme of choice for such an occasion. Not only are red flowers known for being romantic blooms, but the colour in general can be used in various aspects of the event décor. This includes table cloths or overlays, glasses, plates and bowls.

Larger spaces

If you have larger spaces that need filling, you can opt for larger bouquets on stands or you can set them on dedicated tables. Remember, you do not need to go for the most expensive blooms for these displays and you don’t need to stick to red alone. You can combine red and white if you like and use larger blooms like hydrangeas to fill up spaces.

Other decorations

Another great idea if you would like to spruce up the décor without breaking the bank is by adding colourful balloons. They will compliment the romantic blooms that you have selected and they can add height to various displays too if you opt for helium balloons.

Once you have chosen your romantic blooms and other decorations, all you need to do is have them delivered to your venue with enough time to spare. This will give you or the event coordinators enough time to get the venue just right before your guests arrive.