First awards given at the 100th Chelsea Flower Show

Jersey’s Eric Young Orchid Foundation and Guernsey clematis grower Raymond Evison have won the first gold awards at the Chelsea Flower Show.

This has become Mr Evison’s 25th gold medal at the flower show. His exhibition of clematis cultivars in the Great Pavilion won the approval of the judges on Monday before the show opened to the public.

The flower show which is held in the grounds of the Chelsea Hospital is in its centenary year. The Eric Young Orchid Foundation does not host an exhibit at the flower show every year as they have orchid events and displays all around the world.

The curator of the foundation Chris Purver has announced he is very pleased with the award and what the foundation has achieved. He said the foundation was aiming to put on a display which represented people from 100 years ago and he is glad the judges understood that.

St Martin’s Flower Club, also from Jersey, had an exhibit this year but they did not win any awards.