Tropical leaves to top an exotic arrangement

When creating exotic or tropical flower displays, you need the right kind of flowers as well as the right foliage. If you close your eyes and imagine the perfect tropical paradise, you will surely picture a wide variety of foliage. Which is why you need a variety when decorating a tropical-themed event. Remember, these leaves are not only for adding to flower arrangements, but you can also use them to decorate tables and other areas where some greenery will help enhance the theme.

The split leaf philodendron is also known as the ‘Delicious Monster’ plant and it has large, dark green leaves with an unusual shape. The leaves are split to create an interesting appearance and they are always impressive. Banana leaves, on the other hand, are long, flat, and solid. They are, of course, the perfect representation of the banana tree which thrives in tropical settings. Which is all the more reason to include them.

There are various types of palm tree leaves that can also be included. Some are small enough that you can add them to large flower arrangements while others can be displayed on tables and even on your walls to create the impression of a lush forest. That said, some people prefer to hire palm trees for the event.

The fancy-leafed caladium is fancy indeed thanks to the way its green colour darkens towards its edges with a striking red vein system. It’s the ultimate contrast of warm and cool colours that give these leaves their alluring appearance. Bird of paradise leaves are similar in shape to banana leaves and, since the plant also boasts some of the most stunning of all tropical flowers, it’s fitting that the foliage should also find its place in these arrangements.

While most of the foliage we imagine in tropical settings are of the tall tree variety, it’s also a good idea to consider other forms of greenery such as ferns. Ferns, like palm trees, are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colours. They can add amazing texture to a bouquet along with the right amount of greenery.

With these amazing choices in greenery and the right tropical flowers, your exotic event is sure to be a great success!