Flower arranging advice for perfect results

If you attend an event, you will notice just how perfectly the flowers are displayed. Flower arranging is not just about popping some blooms in a vase and that’s it. Different flowers and foliage present different challenges. Florists have developed some simple yet effective techniques to ensure every petal and leaf is right where it should be.

Soft stems

Flowers, like gerbera daisies and tulips, with soft stems could use some extra support Not only does this prevent the stems from breaking, but it also helps keep the blooms from drooping. Floral wire is one of the most important tools when it comes to flower arranging. It can serve many purposes and, in this case, it can help keep your flowers properly supported and upright. You can secure the wire in place with the use of green floral tape.

Wired leaves

Just like flowers, leaves are also very important when it comes to flower arranging. Not only do you need to choose the right foliage, but it needs to be arranged in just the right way. Dracena leaves can be used in their curled state and stapled in place. Ruscus leaves can be made to bend if you insert floral wire into the back of the leaf. Ivy is another great option but it tends to do as it pleases. Secure some floral wire to the length of the stem and you can bend it to your will.

Prevent from fully opening

If you want to prevent your blooms from opening all the way, there is a little flower arranging trick that you can use on just about any type of bloom. All you need to do is apply some tape around the base of the flower head. This will ensure that your bloom can only open up as far as the tape allows. Just take care not to wrap the tape too tightly around the flower or this could prevent it from opening at all. You might want to wait until the flower has opened to the point you wish and then applying the tape – just to be safe.

With these simple flower arranging tips, you can ensure that your next bouquet will look its very best. Remember, proper flower care will help extend the life of your bouquet so take the time to tend to your arrangements and you will enjoy its beauty for that much longer.