Send congratulations flowers

Centuries ago, in Ancient Greece, the top athletes were presented with olive leaf wreaths that they wore on their heads once they had won. As we take a bit of a leap through history to 18th century Sweden, we then learn that Charles II would send flowers as a way of relaying specific messages. Each type of flower has a particular meaning and, therefore, it sends a specific message. This custom has stuck around over the years and it is the reason why we send different flowers for different occasions.

The meaning that has been connected with the flower does not only depend on the type of bloom but also its colour. The flower and its colour together convey an emotion which supports the meaning that has long been associated with the bloom. If you want to congratulate somebody on an achievement, here are some flower gift ideas.

Roses are often associated with love but,if you send yellow roses, you are sending a message of friendship and your flower delivery will certainly boost their mood! Orange roses send a message of gratitude as well as enthusiasm. So, if you are happy for their recent promotion or similar achievement, this could be the perfect type of flower to send.

Irises represent hope, faith, admiration, and courage. This makes them the ultimate flower choice when you want to encourage somebody. If a loved one has a new opportunity at work or a chance to travel, for example, you want to congratulate them while also wishing them well. Irises help you do just that!

Send Peruvian Lilies if you want to let the recipient know of your devotion to your friendship and Heather for good luck, protection, and admiration. Gladiolus flowers are wonderfully grand in appearance and thus live up to their name. They are the floral symbol of strength and integrity. They are available in several shades including red, pink, purple, yellow, orange, and green.

Tulips, like roses, are often associated to love. However, yellow tulips send a message of cheerful thoughts while pink tulips represent confidence and happiness.

Remember, if you are ever in doubt, you can always check the congratulations section on your favourite online florist’s website or ask your local florist for some professional assistance. If you are in a hurry and you need a congratulations gift fast, you can always opt for a bright and colourful mixed bouquet.