Black flowers and how to make your own

As you take a look around your local or online florist, you will notice that fresh blooms come in all colours, shapes and sizes. One colour that you may not see, however, is black. Black flowers are not available in nature while there are some blooms that are almost black. However, these flowers are actually a dark shade of red or brown. If you need black blooms for a specific floral display, not to worry because there are several ways of achieving this look.

Food colouring

You can create black flowers by using black food colouring. Unlike basic colours like red, yellow and blue, you may find it somewhat difficult to source black colouring. It is also important to note that you will need to add plenty of colour so that your blooms don’t come out grey. In addition, you want to choose pure white flowers for best results. Cut each stem at an angle so that it has a larger surface area to absorb water and the black food colouring. Leave them in water overnight and check on them in the morning. If they are not yet completely black, allow them to remain in the vase for several hours more or even until the following day.


When dying flowers, you need to remember that you cannot use just any type of dye. You need to shop for floral dye or the colours could end up doing more harm than good. This floral dye needs to be mixed as per the instructions. You will need to dip your flowers one by one in the dye and hold them there for a few seconds to ensure that the colour takes hold. Place the blooms in a vase with water while the dye dries. In this case, you can start with darker flowers like red or purple since it will be easier to cover them up and create black flowers than if you were to start with pure white blooms.

Spray paint

Finally, another easy option is to use floral spray paint. This paint is available in every colour – including silver and gold! You need to read the instructions carefully and it is best to use this product outdoors or in an area with adequate ventilation. Watch out for overspray and protect your work surface properly. You will need to apply enough spray paint to cover the entire bloom. Especially when it comes to creating black flowers, take a close look at your flower from every angle.

There you have it – three easy ways of creating your very own black flowers! Black blooms can be paired with orange flowers to create a spooky Halloween display. They can also be paired with red or white flowers if you want something different yet elegant.