Warm your home with these spring tips

Spring is here and now is the time to make the most of some of the most beautiful weeks of the year. Everything outside is coming back to life and the days are getting longer too. With more sunlight to enjoy, you may feel like you are becoming more energetic too. With nature waking up again after the long winter, why not warm your home up with these simple spring tips?

Get rid of clutter and do some cleaning

Cleaning your home is something you most likely do on a regular basis. However, cleaning is so much easier if you don’t have to contend with all that clutter. You cannot warm your home up if you have an excess of “stuff” everywhere. So, take on one room at a time and make sure that everything you have is needed. Second, make sure that everything is in the right place. Once you have done this, you can proceed to giving the room a good clean from top to bottom before moving on to the next room.

Fresh air

Cool and crisp air might seem counterproductive when you want to warm your home but this is not actually the case. Firstly, fresh air is very good for the mind and body. Secondly, if you are still relying on some form of heating system in your home, it is much better to get rid of the stale air and let fresh air come in. Fresh air heats up faster which means that you are also doing your heating system a favour.


Candles are wonderful for so many reasons. Around your home, you can use scented candles to give the air a lovely smell. Of course, when you are seated at your dining room table, you do not want such perfumes to mix with the aromas of your meal. So, you should opt for regular candles instead. There is something about dining by candlelight that makes the meal so much more enjoyable.

Update your décor

A seasonal make over is certainly one way of changing things up. If you maintain the same décor month after month, it can become boring. Not to mention the fact that lighter colours are best for the warmer months and darker colours prove cosy for autumn and winter. Lighter coloured linen and accessories will most certainly help turn your home into a bright and welcoming place.

Add some fresh flowers

Once your home is decluttered, clean and organised, it’s time to decorate! Warm your home even more by bringing nature inside. Fresh spring flower arrangements will make your house more inviting to guests and it will also make your environment more pleasant for everyone. Some of the best blooms to consider for this time of year include roses, lilies, hydrangeas, chrysanthemums and alstroemeria. Consider pastel shades of pink, purple and even light yellow and a dash of white. A little foliage will also go a long way.

With these simple tips, you too can warm your home up this spring and get ready for the sunny summer season too. There is nothing quite like a good spring clean to get you in the mood for some of the most productive months of the year. In addition, we tend to entertain a lot more in the summer so it’s always good to make sure that your home looks its best.