Choosing Flowers For Your Country Style Kitchen

An essential part of decorating any home is the proper placement of the appropriate flowers.  By adding a simple flower arrangement to any room in the home, you can really bring the theme out while adding colour and life.  Throughout the year, you most likely receive and send flowers for all sorts of occasions including Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays and more.  That being said, there’s no reason not to buy flowers in between these special occasions as well.  Since flowers are known to help induce a sense of joy, more and more people are ordering bouquets for their own pleasure and to help bring out the theme of a particular room in their home.

 Country Style Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in any home.  We don’t just visit the kitchen to grab a bite or drink anymore.  The kitchen is fast becoming the focal point of any home and an even more popular choice for entertaining guests.  One of the most popular kitchen themes is that of a country style kitchen.  They are most commonly found in beach houses or holiday homes but many home owners enjoy decorating their every day kitchen in this fashion as a fond reminder of their childhood and their old family kitchen.  Since the design of a country style kitchen is based on simplicity, your choice of flowers needs to echo this.

Now, before heading off to your florist to grab a fresh bouquet, it’s important to understand the main elements of any country style kitchen.  It has a very obvious rustic feel with cupboards and counter tops generally made from wood.  They are either left in their natural wooden state or, in some cases, painted white or some other soft, pastel shade.  You will usually find a welcoming table in the middle of the kitchen and the wood used should match the wood of the rest of the kitchen.  Some home owners like to place high chairs around this centre table and you should also notice the careful placement of copper pots and pans hanging from the ceiling in the vicinity of the stove.

Now that you have a general idea of exactly what a country style kitchen is and the colours used, it’s time to think about the best flowers for this environment.  If the kitchen is made up of natural wood colours and copper or brass features, then you should select a bouquet that consists of warm colours.  Warm colours include red, orange, yellow and all the shades in between.  Gerbera daisies, carnations and roses can be used with some deep, dark foliage to help bring their colours out.  You can even use dried flowers and plant material if you want a bouquet that lasts extra long.  Dry the flowers you wish to use and then carefully place them in a suitable container.  You can add things like wheat or straw instead of foliage.  In terms of containers and vases, using an old copper watering can or a woven basket will compliment the theme perfectly.  If the container you want to use is not completely sealed, you can always place a jar or glass of water inside to keep your fresh flowers happy.

Country Style Bouquet

As for kitchens that have a white or cream finish, you can use various colours in your bouquet.  A big favourite among decorators is purple or lilac.  Now, you can create a purple and white or purple and yellow bouquet if you wish or you can add a few purple flowers to a mixed bouquet for that “field of wild flowers” look.  Mix up some orange, red and yellow blooms that look as though they were picked from the garden.  Stay away from anything too elegant or it won’t appear natural.  You can then add some purple flowers here and there to finish off that “hand picked” theme.  Look around for an old household item to use as a vase.  It can be an old teapot, an enamel coated watering can or anything along these lines.  Remember, the whole point of adding flowers to your country style kitchen is to make it look as though you picked them yourself.