Pressed flowers – interesting and fun uses

When you buy or receive fresh blooms that you want to keep longer than their usual vase life, you should consider pressing them. Pressed flowers can be used in so many different ways to spruce up your home and in various arts and crafts. Here are some great ideas.

Gift wrapping

Pressed flowers are excellent for making your gift wrapping look even better. You can paste them to plain wrapping paper and add some raffia ribbon for that rustic touch. These little touches will give your gift an even more thoughtful appearance.

Phone case

You can spruce up a clear phone case with pressed flowers. All you need to do is make sure that they are properly pressed and dried before you place them onto the phone case. Secure the flowers in place using a clear resin or PVA glue. This is perfect for truly personalising your phone case.

Floral coasters

Similar to the phone case idea, you can use pressed flowers to make decorative coasters. Again, you will need to apply them to a plain support and then add resin to seal them in and ensure they are protected.

Cards and letters

If you plan on including a card or sending a letter to a loved one, you can give them a personal touch by adding pressed flowers. Simply glue them to the surface you wish to decorate. If you want to paste flowers in a letter, you should paste them first and then start writing. This way, you can write around the flowers.

Box frame

Create a bouquet of pressed flowers and glue them to a stiff piece of paper or cardboard. Arrange the blooms in such a way that they look like a beautiful arrangement. Place the display in a box frame and show it off in a room that will receive plenty of visitors.

Now that you know what you can do with your pressed flowers, there is no need to throw away wilting blooms ever again! Remember, some flowers are not ideal for pressing since the petals are thin and they tend to disintegrate. If this happens, don’t throw them away. You can always use these blooms for potpourri.