Common fresh flower delivery concerns

Ordering flowers online can feel a little strange at first. Once you have enjoyed the use of such online services, however, you will never go back! Of course, there are a few common concerns that even experienced online flower shoppers have. Here are some of the top fresh flower delivery concerns and how to address them.

Can I opt for next day delivery?

Many florists offer next day delivery. There is one condition, however, and this is the cut off time. Each florist has their own cut off time for next day flowers. In some cases, the cut off during weekdays differs from that over the weekend. Check the delivery policy and, if you are still unsure, ask a customer service agent for assistance. If you are planning on ordering flowers for a popular occasion like Mother’s Day, you should always schedule your flower delivery in advance. Florists are very busy during this time of year and you wouldn’t want to miss out on your favourite bouquet or timely delivery.

What time will the flowers be delivered?

This is another one of the most common fresh flower delivery concerns. Your florist will most likely not be able to provide you with a time but they can tell you what time deliveries begin and when the last delivery should arrive.

What if you’re out when your flowers arrive?

This can happen to anyone. If you are surprising somebody with a bouquet and you are worried that they might not be home, you can ask the florist to leave the bouquet with a trusted neighbour. Include the name, address and phone number of the neighbour in your additional comments. Once you place your order, make sure that the florist understands this request. You should also tell the recipients neighbour to expect the delivery in the event that the recipient is not home.

What if the site is not working properly?

If you are experiencing technical difficulties, you can always contact customer support via phone and ask them to assist you. There could be a technical solution or they may offer telephone flower orders for your convenience.

Where does the florist deliver?

If you want flowers delivered to a particularly rural area or even abroad, it’s good to check the delivery locations offered by the florist. If you are still unsure, contact customer service to confirm.

What is included in the price?

This differs from florist to florist as well as each bouquet. Your florist might offer free flower delivery or they could offer a free box of luxury chocolates or even a vase. Taxes are also important to consider. When you place your order, you should always check the details before finalising the transaction. You should be provided with an itemised bill that you can check before paying.

Will I receive quality blooms?

One of the biggest flower delivery concerns is trust-related. Can you trust the florist to provide you with fresh flowers? Take a moment to check the terms and conditions section. Look for a satisfaction guarantee and read this section carefully. Any reputable florist should be willing to stand by their products and offer some form of compensation if your bouquet is damaged, wilted or otherwise not consistent with your order. They should also offer a solution in the event that your flowers are not delivered.

Communication is the key whenever you need to clarify any issue with your online florist. By expressing your concerns, you can better know what to expect. If your florist is not willing to offer any kinds of guarantees or compensation in the event that they have not held up their end of the deal, you should certainly shop elsewhere.